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Pet food

  • VGRRR They import vegan food for cats and dogs. They deliver to your home

Quebec products

  • At the store

    • Bad Mokey Popcorn The History of Bad Monkey Popcorn was founded in 2014 by brothers from Montreal, Canada. As children, their mother would call them her little bad monkeys! Now, these evil monkeys are making unique, delicious, and affordable gourmet popcorn the whole family can enjoy! Dare to be bold, dare to be a bad monkey! Join us in our adventure to change the world of popcorn, one amazing recipe at a time!
    • Cha’s Organics business model is based on the principles of fair trade and support for small organic producers. We also want to offer consumers here choices of ingredients that are both nutritious and delicious. Our commitment to our customers and producer partners is driven by our love for good food as well as our passion for seeing good things happen in the world.
    • Rawesome Cakes without gluten, raw, vegan, organic. No soy, no cholesterol, no refined sugar, no guilt! Available in Montreal.
  • Vegan shopping online

    • Matt and Nat 100% vegan accessories … Belts, handbags, wallets … Exceptional quality !!!
    • Vgan Styles VGAN was established in Montreal to promote a cruelty-free lifestyle and to give a voice to our animal pals through plant based badassery. A portion of their proceeds goes to Animal Rights causes including Mercy For Animals. They also work hard to reduce our carbon footprint and protect our Earth through cruelty-free ink & fabrics and manufacturing processes.
    • Tonton Marmiton Specialized in the manufacture of pastries and healthy snacks, Tonton Marmiton is a Quebec artisan company, responding to new trends in health and environmental consumption. Tonton Marmiton is above all the originality of pastries made from fruits and vegetables.
      The ingredients are mostly organic, vegan, no refined sugar, no wheat, no preservatives. We promote zero waste and the circular economy.
      These desserts and snacks are aimed at individuals, grocery stores, restaurateurs and institutions who wish to combine health, the environment with taste.


  • Barvivore THE guide to knowing if a beer, wine or any other alcohol is vegan! Mega practice !!!

Vegan sweets and treats

  • Squish To taste their delicacies and rediscover the art of making candies from real fruits, spices and herbs. They have a large variety of clearly identified vegan sweets

Grocery stores and food stores

  • Avril Supermarché Santé est une chaîne québécoise indépendante de supermarchés santé offrant un concept unique et des alternatives 100% naturelles.  Bien que n’étant pas complètement végétalien, Avril propose une grande sélection de produits végétaliens.

           Huit Magasin:

        • Brossard 8600, boulevard Leduc Brossard, QC J4Y 0G6 
          Tel. : (450) 443-4127
        • Laval A1-1660, boulevard Le Corbusier Laval, QC H7S 1Z2 
          Tel. : (450) 557-6446
        • Longueuil 1185, chemin du Tremblay Longueuil, QC J4N 1R4
          Tel. : (450) 448-5515
        • Lévis 1218, rue de la Concorde Lévis (Carrefour Saint-Romuald), QC G6W 0M7
          Tel. : (418) 903-5454
        • Quebec 1033, rue des Rocailles Québec, Québec G2K 0L4
          Tel. : (418) 425-0255
        • Granby 11, rue Évangéline Granby, QC J2G 6N3 
          Tel. : (450) 994-4794
        • Magog 2385, rue Principale Ouest Magog, QC J1X 0J4 Canada
          Tel. : (819) 742-0200
        • Sherbrooke 35, rue J.-A.-Bombardier Sherbrooke, QC J1L 0H8
          Tel. : (819) 742-0242
  • Les Aliments Merci sont des marchés d’alimentation spécialisés du Québec qui ont pour objectif le bien-être de ses clients et employés, d’aujourd’hui et de demain, en devançant constamment les besoins de l’ensemble de sa clientèle, sans aucune discrimination. C’est dans cette optique que nous nous inscrivons dans la tendance irréversible de développement durable, dans un esprit de conscience sociale et du respect de l’environnement.

           Cinq Points De Ventes:

  • Bio Terre “Bio Terre is a certified organic health grocery store where you will also find a varied range of natural and ecological products: essential oils, cosmetics, medicinal plants, food supplements …” address: 201, rue Saint-Viateur Ouest, Montreal, Qc, H2T 2L6
    Tel. : (514) 278-3377
  • Frenco “Open for over 30 years, we find the best nuts, the most affordable fresh coffee, dehydrated fruits and vegetables, flours of all, sprouts, legumes and more … All foods are not vegan But the choice is great for them! Fans flock to stock up on medicinal herbs or natural and biodegradable household and body care products, only to succumb to the many chocolate-coated treats. freshness, savings on packaging, transport and storage costs and allows the customer to purchase the quantities he needs, eliminating waste and overconsumption. “address: 3985, boul Saint-Laurent, Montreal, Qc, H2W 1Y4
    Tel. : (514) 285-1319
  • Gusta butcher, vegan cheese factory “Gusta at the Jean-Talon market. The shop offers sausages, cold meats, gratin cheeses, spreads all vegan and local” address: At the Jean-Talon market …
    Tel. : (514) 727-1437
  • HervivoresVegan grocery store and food counter offering a varied choice and the best vegan souvlaki in Montreal … (until proven otherwise) address: 3842 rue Saint-Denis, Montreal
  • Olly Fresco’s “A healthy mini-grocery store right in the galleries of the Cathedral in downtown Montreal! Convenient! They also have a counter of vegan and gluten-free prepared meals!” Address: 625 rue Ste-Catherine Ouest, Montreal, Qc , H3B 1B7
    Tel. : (514) 284-2378
  • Pomme d’Api “LA POMME D’API is a delicatessen offering a wide choice of fresh, organic, ecological and natural products. Located on Rosemont Street in Montreal, this grocery store has a story to tell you … a story neighborhood, a family story, a love story for health and for the planet! “address: 2599, Boulevard Rosemont, Montreal, Qc, H1Y 1K6
    Tel. : (514) 727-1437
  • Chi-Ming Vegetarian Paradise The vegetarian paradise is not just a vegetarian grocery store with many vegan products, it is also a culinary adventure with their truly unique products! Address: 4381, Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal. Qc, H2J 2L2
    Tel. : (514) 845-7174
  • Rachelle-Béry “It was in 1984 that the first Rachelle-Béry branch opened its doors at the corner of the streets … Rachel and Berri who inspired its name. At the time, he was very daring to open a grocery store of natural products promoting healthy eating in all its forms. Trouvez un magasin près de nous Cliquez Ici
    • Segal’s Market existe depuis 1927 et malgré son look impertinent et vaguement Beyrouth, c’est l’endroit idéal pour trouver des aliments végétaliens et biologiques à d’excellents prix. Découvrez cette histoire à ce sujet dans la Gazette de Montréal Address: 4001 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montreal, Qc
      Tel. : (514) 845-4716
    • Tau This grocery store is not specifically vegan but organic. They have a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, natural groceries,
      gluten free products, natural baby products, biodegradable and ecological household products …

      • MONTREAL: 4238 Saint-Denis, Montreal, Qué, Tel. : (514) 843-4420
      • ST-LÉONARD: 7373, boul. Langelier, Qué, Tel .: (514) 787-0077
  • Tiende Santé Their products do not contain meat, no seafood, most do not contain eggs (vigilance here…). The main ingredients of their products are soy protein, gluten, mushrooms… address: 279 Duluth Est., Montreal, Qc
    Tel. : (514) 876-4481

Home and office

  • Bio Terre “Bio Terre sells ecological cleaning products and more.”
  • Lemieux “Products not tested on animals, 100% ecological, 100% made in Quebec, 100% certified Ecotechnology, made without active fermentation extracts, without enzymes created in the laboratory, without bacteria created in the laboratory, Ultra concentrated products with 15 odors or odorless. “
  • Terre à soi Terre à soi, eco-responsible boutique is a retail business that offers ecological solutions for the home and office, as well as resources for more responsible consumption.



Hair salons

  • Rockyval Coiffure uses vegan and cruelty-free products (Pravana bleach, Pravana color and Elumen). Located at 2705 Ontario East (in Montreal obviously 🙂), phone number 514-238-6660
  • La Chapelle barber shop, 100% vegan products. Barbershop, 100% vegan products.LGBT friendly, 519 rue Rachel, 438-386-7780

Vegan shopping online

  • Arbonne Their products are free from animal derivatives, gluten, mineral oil, parabens, formaldehyde and many other agents considered toxic and / or endocrine disruptors and / or carcinogenic and / or not eco-responsible. It is a green company (carbon-neutral delivery to UPS… the only company to be so in Canada, recycled / recyclable packaging, green factories, use of organic products without pesticides…). Their products have not been tested on animals since the beginning 35 years ago and they are partners with PETA.
  • BKIND Bkind is Marilyne’s wonderful project. Since mid-November, BKIND has been offering absolutely sublime natural and vegan cosmetics: eye cream, anti-cellulite oil, hand cream, body exfoliant, bath mix, etc. Bonus: their prices are very affordable!
  • Lily Lolo Online store recommended by a friend… To try
  • The Vegan Store One of my favorite online stores! Always received my effects in good condition and quickly and even often with a handwritten note …




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