Des Recettes véganes !

vegan recipes

100% vegetable
vegan feta vegan recipes

On this blog you will find vegan recipes made according to finds, desires, but also the seasons.

Rebellious and delicious
cupcakeChoco vegan recipes

A small, unpretentious blog …

Udder Beet
vegan recipes

Full of really good ideas! …

Jean-Philippe’s cuisine
 Jean's cuisine = Philippe vegan rettes

A blog that has the art of making our mouths water with its simple and tasty recipes!

Mamali’s kitchen
photo of Mamali vegan recipes

Nice, uncomplicated recipes with comments that give us the impression of being Mamali’s friend !!

Suitcases and delicacies
suitcase and treats vegan recipes

A traveling Quebecer who shares her inspiring cuisine with us 🙂

Diabetic and happy
vegetables vegan recipes

Vegan recipes for everyone and respecting the needs of people with diabetes!

My vegetable cuisine
seitan stuffed with mushrooms

Simple ideas for everyone

Vegan Quebec
scrambled tofu vegan recipes

A ton of vegan recipes !!!!

Favorites Outside Quebec

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